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Portland Trail Blazers Vs. New York Knicks Preview

Introducing a new Portland Trail Blazers experience on OregonLive.com

He's still just as bad a shooter as ever, and having him hoist up low-percentage shots all game would play directly into Stotts' defensive game plan that relies on pressure at the three-point line, giving up points in the middle and the mid-range shot in favor of removing the three-point attack from opposing teams' arsenals. It's been an effective philosophy thus far, and the Knicks seem a bit too selfish to employ the ball movement necessary to break down Portland's defense of the arc. On the other hand, the Blazers should be able to get into their offensive sets and execute with relative ease, as there are certainly some soft spots in the Knicks defense. Aldridge and Lillard are primed to have big games because they're strong where New York isn't.

Ask us questions about the new experience in the comments. Have a question? >> Ask in the comments More team news, as it breaks We know you have an insatiable appetite for Blazers news, and the "Top Posts" stream is where you can get your fill.

Celebrities in Cobalt Blue Blazers

This eye-catching shade adds a playful touch to the traditional black blazer , which is why stars like Cindy Crawford , Vanessa Lachey, and Demi Lovato have been seen rocking cobalt toppers with everything from jeans to dresses. Step inside to see other fashionistas who have donned the trend recently, how they styled it, and where you can find a similarly bold blazer.

NBA midseason report: Here's what you've missed

Best team beli jaket jepang rivalry: N/A As in not applicable. Indiana vs. Miami is all that matters in the East, but the Pacers have never beaten the Heat in a decisive game. Portland and OKC might have had something going regionally if the Thunder hadn't left Seattle.

LaMarcus Aldridge hits career high, Blazers top Nuggets

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